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HT Flights Metronic 4 5002-482
HT Flights Metronic 4 5002-482
Startseite » NEUHEITEN » Target » Phil Taylor » Taylor Steeldart » Target Steel Phil Taylor 9 Five Generation 4, 22 Gramm
Target Steel Phil Taylor 9 Five Generation 4, 22 Gramm
Target Steel Phil Taylor 9 Five Generation 4, 22 Gramm
Artikelnr.: TSt200912
Hersteller: Target
119,00 EUR
(inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)
Auf den Wunschzettel

The Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 4 from Target Darts. The next Generation in Dart technology has been developed for Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – 16 times Champion of the World. Target has been working closely with Phil Taylor to perfect this next generation dart. Phil sought an improved, subtle grip on the rear of the barrel to alter the feel and comfort in his dart. Target have delivered this by hand sandblasting the rear section of the barrel only, using extremely fine particles to create a distinct matt texture. The whole barrel is then overlaid by an ultra-hard black titanium nitride coating to provide a long lasting barrel protection. This provides a contrast in look and feel between the precision sandblasted section and the rest of the barrel and shaft. Target have made a major upgrade to Phil’s point, now including a Titanium Coated Black Diamond Pro point to minimise board fall-outs. The Diamond Pro also provides a grip area for players who rest a finger on the point during their throw.  The Phil Taylor Power-9Five Generation 4 features a new Black Titanium coated Titanium Shaft with enhanced grooves at the base of the shaft for added grip.

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